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New Century Politics
Our way forward for New Zealand
By Phil Scott
May 8, 2004, 13:38

We ALL need to convince our elected politicians that New Zealanders must grow wealthier and that the means of obtaining this new wealth are explained in a myriad of ways on this web site.

Fundamentally we require politicians to undertake only three tasks:

1. Guard our borders,
2. Ensure peace in the land, and
3. Provide prosperity for the people.

The first is mostly achieved by geography and the second was achieved 120 years ago.

The only way we can provide prosperity for our children and turn the ship of state around is to vote for politicians who understand what conditions make for higher growth of wealth. This web site contains numerous case studies and clear and convincing reasons explaining what these conditions are and how and why they work.

We ask you all to write to your local politician and/or the one you vote for and ask them ...

"Why aren't you voting for conditions that maximize my wealth?" "Do you know what these conditions are?"

Our Strategy

Our government must determine what political conditions give rise to REAL Wealth creation and then legislate to provide those conditions. There are many concrete examples of countries around the world that have successfully grown their economies and the least we should do is examine them all closely and then do some cherry-picking!

It is only by harnessing the power and ability of all citizens that we can get the economic engine warming up and then running smoothly at speed.

The Foundation for Economic Growth is working to help the citizens of New Zealand understand the features of a modern economy that encourage wealth creation. From this understanding will come the realisation that we must work together to ensure that our political leaders also understand why we need to be wealthier and to ensure that they will implement the necessary reforms to make this happen.

We have seen many examples of people around the world moving from country to country following work and good economic times. At the moment in New Zealand we are seeing many of our best educated and young brains leaving for better opportunities in other countries.

The only way to improve the lot of every citizen in this country is to improve our rate of economic growth. If we don't, then the people who will suffer the most are those with limited income and limited ability to generate income. If we do develop a bias towards wealth creation instead of wealth destruction then the ones who will benefit the most are the people at the lower income levels. This is why the Chinese Communists have introduced the principles of Capitalism into their Socialist State. Socialism was making everyone poor and now capitalism is making everyone wealthier than was ever dreamed possible.

It is for these reasons that we are developing strategies to benefit us all in New Zealand.

Our main strategic aim is to provide reasonable and helpful information to politicians and political parties to persuade them that economic growth is enhanced by having a small and non-interfering government and ensuring maximum freedom for us, the citizens, to proceed about our business in ways that we choose. The entrepreneurs and business people are the golden geese of legend and they will produce limitless golden eggs if left in peace with their own wealth to create more. Stealing the eggs and choking the geese to death with legislation and regulation is what stops wealth creation.

We would like to build up a large membership on this single issue so that politicians will feel compelled to hold an ongoing dialogue with us and to produce clear and reasonable plans for reducing the size of government to 20% of GDP and giving citizens maximum economic freedom.

We urge you to take a serious interest in your future and the future of your children and grandchildren by joining with us. We are very interested in any ideas that will help us to achieve our aims. Please feel free to contact us by email at any time. This venture will cost a considerable amount of money and we would like your assistance. We have a link above that will enable you to make a contribution.

The future is in our hands. Let's grasp it now for our children's tomorrow!

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