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Our Economy
A Summary of our Philosphy
By Charles Gilmore
Aug 16, 2004, 13:46


Parties for Growth Inc. is an independent apolitical educational organisation formed for the purpose of directing public and private attention to the importance of economic growth in providing for an increasing standard of living for all New Zealanders.

We fundamentally believe that:
• Strong economic growth is important for future generations,
• An active group of citizens can positively influence the achievement of a common goal,
• Key drivers of growth are an enlightened citizenry, efficient government administration, and the quality of a country’s central policies and institutions.


Our vision for New Zealand is that it will be a vibrant, progressive home of choice for talented and successful people, actively participating in a free economy with a high living standard and a clean environment.


To realise this vision we must aim for a 5% GDP growth rate per capita.


To secure our goal Parties for Growth Inc. will:
• Seek to educate the public and enlist their support,
• Work with individual politicians and the political parties to develop a growth environment.


Our objectives for the public are to:
• Promote an understanding of the benefits of sustained above-average economic performance,
• Educate all citizens that high growth improves our standard of living,
• Encourage citizens to vote for highly rated pro-growth politicians.

Our objectives for politicians are to:
• Educate politicians that high growth advances the wealth of the country and the wealth of its citizens,
• Encourage politicians to have high growth policies,
• Encourage Government to pass pro-growth legislation and remove anti-growth laws and regulations,
• Seek greater efficiency within government,

Action Plan

Parties For Growth Inc. will:
• Utilise the expertise and knowledge of members and recognised experts to identify and promote economic growth strategies and actions,
• Compare and rank political candidates by their historical stance on pro-growth legislation and the strength and validity of their public comments on pro-growth initiatives and policies during an election,
• Suggest economic and policy alternatives that foster growth,
• Promote greater economic understanding amongst the population,
• Seek a level of membership to ensure our views are wide-spread,
• Be an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organisation supported primarily by grants and contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals.


As a result, New Zealanders will be:
• Better educated about our economy, and thus better able to profit from our uniqueness,
• Surrounded by good physical infrastructure (eg, efficient ports, airports, telecommunications, road and rail transport, and health and education systems),
• Working in a low-cost regulatory environment,
• Part of a labour market where businesses can organise their operations to achieve peak efficiency,
• Keen to work for much greater rewards,
• Properly rewarded because the tax system will leave them with a fair return for extra effort,
• Wealthier on average than other western nations,
• Number three in the world wealth ranking,
• Out-performing Australia in economic and social parameters.

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