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New Century Politics
What is "Politics for the New Century"
By Phil Scott
Sep 19, 2006, 14:45

One of the problems with politics at the moment is that we are limiting our thinking by viewing the political world as consisting of people on the left and people on the right. The ones on the left refer to the ones on the right as "far right" as a term of abuse and the ones on the right refer to the ones on the left as "far left" as a term of abuse.

When we examine this more closely we can see that both in the "far" category end up down the bottom with Command and Control economies, more regulation, less freedom, bigger government and lower economic growth.

Both left and right try to "capture the Middle ground" and my contention is that our leaders should all be in the middle ground attempting to think UP to greater wealth for the citizens rather than DOWN to bigger government and more regulations and control.

This diagram is intended to help us think in a new way - a new paradigm for politics.

We need to think of our requirements for politicians as our leaders as being people who can think clearly about making all of us wealthier so that we rise up the wealth charts of the world instead of the six decade decline we are experiencing right now.

We need leaders who understand what produces wealth and how to maximise our wealth per capita. We must aim for steady economic growth that is 1% or 2% higher than we have had for the past fifty years - then we will become as wealthy as Australians again.

Modern economics shows cases around the world of what generates growth and the effects of economic growth. We need leaders who can think in the middle of our "magic circle" in ways that raise us up the wealth scale rather than down as we have suffered for so long.

Command and control economies are anathema to growth. Growth in regulations and government as a proportion of the economy just squeeze out the entrepreneur and business person and the wealth creation part of the economy withers and dies.

We need total government to be no more than 20% of the total economy. This, according to an IRD study done in the 1990s by an international expert will give us maximum growth in our economy and WE WILL ALL be wealthier as a result.

We need new leaders who can lead us up rather than down.

Forget the old ideologies of left and right.

Think UP not DOWN.

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