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Our "employees" in parliament behave as if they are answerable to no-one.

Help the Foundation for Economic Growth insist that our "employees" develop a philosophy of growth, a strategy for growth, detailed plans for growth and tactics for keeping us on the path of growth to the top of the OECD wealth stakes.
We want each party to prepare and publish their strategies and plans. We all want to be richer and it is up to our employees in Parliament to provide the environment in which we can flourish. Our employee, Michael Cullen, has a desire for growth of 4%. Does he think this is enough to get us into the top half of the OECD? When will we get there? In 2005 or in 2050? Does he have a plan or is this a state secret?

Wishful thinking and vague talk will never help us. We must have a published plan and clearly written strategies and these will show us when we will rise above number 10 in the OECD wealth list.

So, which political parties are for growth?